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Lightning Dome Protectors is a US Distributor for Dinnteco America
Keep your personnel safe and prevent damage to costly equipment with cutting edge technology while drastically reducing downtime

Meeting and Exceeding the Industry Standards

If you want the best lightning prevention* equipment in the US, partner with Lightning Dome Protectors. We are your one stop shop with the rights to sell Dinnteco products within the US marketplace. Our Distribution Rights to sell make us the only name in lightning prevention* that you need to remember. We are the exclusive Oil & Gas distributor, Federal Military and Government, IT, and Texas land and property. 

DDCE | Variable Electric Field Balancer Compensation Device


In the 20 years of operations, they have not had any incidents. 

Don’t settle for lightning PROTECTION. You need lightning PREVENTION.*


20 Year Life Span

The idea of Dinnteco International is to revolutionize lightning protection systems. Not only did they develop a product that breaks with the pre-established parameters in terms of lightning protection within a protected area, but also a completely ecological product that respects the environment.

DDCE | 20+ Years Experience


Lightning Dome Protectors serves U.S. public and commercial sectors including:

United States Patent No.: US 6,864,416 B2 Date of Patent: March 08, 2005
United States Patent No.: US 9,685,775 B2 Date of Patent: June 20, 2017


Variable electric field balancing device

The working principle is based on constant compensation of the existing electric field of its surroundings, avoiding the upward leader to be generated between the device and the atmosphere.

Prevention* Direct lightning prevention within a protected area.

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